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Your Worst Nightmare About Window Replacement Come to Life

window-replacement-nightmaresIt could very well happen to you. When you research contractors to provide you with new windows, you have to decide which business will do the best job. But, sometimes you just go for the company that made the cheapest offer. There are good contractors and there are those whose services are not particularly helpful to you. If you make the wrong choice for your new window installation, you may suffer more than you could possibly imagine.

Local Regulations

Do you know what the safety codes are for windows in your area? Probably not. But, your contractor should know all about it. One way to sniff out a potential sketchy company is to ask them about local regulations and see how they answer. You may need tempered glass in your home, or your city may recommend certain levels of glazing in your area. If you get the wrong windows, you might run afoul of your homeowner’s or condominium association. No one needs that aggravation.

Air Leaks

You could have the best windows in the world. But, if they are not installed properly, you end up with a mess to clean up. Windows should be installed tightly, with caulking and weatherstripping around the edges to block air leaks. When your windows have significant air leaks, you can feel all your heated air escape, per Green Building Advisor. And, when the rain comes, bid hello to the mold you will find growing in your walls. The Environmental Protection Agency claims that the water leaking into your home from your windows is a significant source of mold in the home.

Heat Transfer

Now, you might have good windows. Or, you could end up with cheap windows. If you made a poor choice in contractor, you probably got the latter. Double-glazed windows are better at blocking the non-solar heat transfer in your home. You want to slow heat transfer, so that you do not spend the entire winter heating up the outdoors. And, the U.S. Department of Energy reports that double-glazed windows may decrease your windows’ rate of non-solar heat transfer by half, over single-paned windows.

Noise Pollution

If you ended up with single-paned windows, you will face more than an uncomfortable temperature in the home. Adding panes to your home helps to block the noise, as well. Sometimes, it makes sense to make the greater investment in the second pane, just to keep the neighbors’ racket from infiltrating your home and your life.

Finding the right window contractor is very important for your health and the happiness of your home. Making a mistake results in poor installation, as well as ineffective and inefficient windows that may violate local regulations. When you want good windows that will serve you well for the long haul, plan to hire a reputable contractor.

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