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Why You Should Invest in Exterior Coating Over Cheap Paint

When you consider how best to change the paint on your home’s exterior, you may be tempted to go cheap. However, you would be surprised at how the choice for cheap paint does not actually save you money over the years. Exterior coating from a professional increases your home’s resistance to ultraviolet rays, lowers your maintenance workload and rescues you from the hassle of constant repairs and repainting.

UV Resistance

You might read this and wonder, ‘Why should I care about UV resistance for my home’s exterior?’ Beyond the heat you take in your windows, UV rays affect the look of your home. Let’s take a real-life scenario. Imagine you followed the advice in SFGate’s Home Guide to repaint your home’s exterior with a bold color or trim to improve its resale value. Would you prefer to use the paint that is not UV resistant, that will fade quickly within a year or two? Or, would you prefer to invest in an exterior coating that will look ready to sell several years after the job is complete? The answer seems obvious. Select texture coating for its ability to resist absorbing the sunlight that fades your home and makes it look old. Sunny California, with three of the sunniest cities in the nation, makes the UV protection of texture coating the best decision.

3739385948_606bb89ab5_zMaintenance Workload

Speaking of that bold color (or even light colors), you will have to maintain your exterior paint job at some point. The biggest difference between texture coating and cheap paint is the frequency of that maintenance. With regular paint, you encounter cracking and peeling on a fairly regular basis. You have to be really careful in the cleaning process because you do not want peeling paint to come off completely. With a professional installation of texture coating, you do not have to worry about either of those. As such, you can turn on the hose and make your home look good as new.

Financial Savings

Most people think of an investment in terms of the money it saves. When it comes to your bottom line, texture coating is still the right choice for the long run. You already know that exterior coating keeps your paint job from fading. It also decreases your energy consumption by an average of 22% during the heat of the summer. If those savings alone are not enough to persuade you, consider how much you will pay for several cheap paint jobs when you could just pay for one round of texture coating.

Selecting professional exterior coating over a cheap paint job is not just an investment in your home. It is also an investment in your future free time and home enjoyment. When you are ready to get the best for your home’s exterior, contact us for a free estimate.

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