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Think You Need New Windows? Here's How to Tell

Replacement windows promise big energy savings, but they can represent a significant expense up front. If you’ve thought about replacing your old, inefficient windows but aren’t sure whether it’s really necessary right now, these telltale signs will help you make the call.14777516164_a0775c065d_z


Your windows are drafty

If you’re sitting in front of the windows and feel a draft of cold air coming in, your old windows have started failing. While it is normal for some amount of air to pass through home windows, this should not be enough air that you can feel the draft. While weather stripping can provide temporary relief – and give you time to set aside extra funds for replacement windows – you will need to replace those old windows to maintain comfort and conserve energy. When your windows no longer let drafts into the home, you will use your heat less in the winter and rely less on your home air conditioner in the summer, saving energy year round.


You see condensation inside the window

When double-paned or triple-paned windows develop condensation between the layers of glass, the seals on the windows have started failing. In some cases, you might be able to get away with simply replacing the window glass; in others, it’s more cost-effective to replace the entire window.


Your energy costs have skyrocketed

If your utility bills are too high, you will see instant savings by replacing old windows. Over time, lower energy bills will cover the cost of window replacement and even net you savings, according to Energy.gov. Choose the most energy-efficient windows you can afford to realize the biggest cost savings. As we noted before, the average California homeowner can save $126 per year by replacing old single-pane windows with updated energy-efficient windows.


Your windows don’t operate properly

If your windows become so swollen in the heat that they cannot shut or open properly – or if they are so loose that they cannot stay up without a prop – it’s time to replace them. Unreliable windows can be a safety hazard so it’s time to replace them for the safety of family and friends.


Your windows detract from the beauty of your home

Even if your windows are functional, if they look terrible they can take away from the beauty and value of your home. Examine the windowsills, jambs, and panes of glass. If the wood is chipped and rotting, or if the glass is so aged that it appears dirty even after you’ve cleaned it, you’re better off replacing your windows.

If these signs look familiar, you will benefit in the short and long term from replacing your home’s old windows. Contact us for a consultation on replacement windows to see how much you can save on home energy costs.

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