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The Importance of UV Resistance for Your Home Exterior

Anything that is exposed to sunlight for hours on end needs to be resistant against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and radiation or the color will fade. Also called light fastness, UV resistance is when a color retains its original hue even after thousands of hours exposed to direct sunlight.


Nothing in your home has to resist sun exposure more than the exterior walls. The sun beats down on your California home for well over 4,000 hours a year. If the paint is not UV resistant, its color will fade over time.

That’s why texture coating is specifically formulated to be UV resistant. Even after a lifetime of exposure to the sun and its radiation, texture coating stays the same original color you picked out for your home’s façade. It’s all thanks to high-quality pigment extenders and excellent weathering properties.

Consider three reasons why UV resistance for your home exterior is so important.

No Need to Repaint

Durable qualities such as the ability to resist mold, withstand the elements and flex with the changing temperatures make texture coating a long-lasting exterior application. With the added benefit of UV resistance, your home’s exterior has yet another reason to never require repainting. Why would you, when the coating looks just as good 10 years after the original application?

The ability to avoid repainting saves you the hassle and money of having the project completed yet again. The lifetime warranty that comes with your texture coating would not be possible if the product wasn’t UV resistant.


Increase Home Value

Any upgrades you make to your home should increase its value. If you listed your home tomorrow, you would want to be able to tell potential buyers that the exterior coating is UV resistant and will last a lifetime. This feature makes your property stand out from other homes on the market and may provide the ability to increase your asking price.


Sustain Curb Appeal

Normally when you paint your home, the application chips and fades over time, especially on south-facing walls that receive heavy sun exposure all year. Eventually when your curb appeal has suffered enough, you get up the gumption to repaint your home yet again. Fortunately you can avoid this situation when you choose UV resistant texture coating.

Because of the benefits of UV resistance, texture coating is clearly a cost effective home improvement. You’ll enjoy the look of your home’s exterior for years to come and so will potential homebuyers if you ever choose to list your home on the market. Combine the UV resistant qualities of texture coating with its other benefits and you can’t lose!


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