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Improve your home’s look and lower energy costs with Windows, Textured Coating, Siding and Roofing  

Increase Home Value with Texture Coating

Whether you’re selling your home soon or not, it’s worthwhile to pursue value-adding upgrades for your home. One example is to replace exterior paint with texture coating. This upgrade is one of the best investments you can make to increase your California home’s value.content


Texture Coating is Durable

The view of your home from the street creates an important first impression. With durable texture coating in place, you can expect the exterior of your home to remain in good condition for many years. In fact, the product comes with a lifetime warranty compared to a two-year warranty for typical house paint. This guarantee is possible because texture coating is 10 times thicker than paint. It’s also incredibly elastic, giving it the ability to stretch with seasonal temperatures and changing weather conditions.

High-quality texture coating also offers long-lasting color that won’t fade over time. All this is available with very low maintenance requirements. Texture coating is simply more durable with no extra effort on your part. If rain and mud soil the texture coating, light water pressure and a mild detergent is all you need to clean it.


Texture Coating Protects the Home

Many homes in Southern California are covered with stucco or concrete masonry. As the ground naturally shifts beneath the home, cracks often form in the façade, decreasing the aesthetic appeal and bringing home value down. Cracks can also lead to structurally damaging moisture intrusion. Regular house paint cracks and peels with the stucco, but flexible texture coating expands and contracts to help keep small cracks sealed. The elastic qualities of texture coating protect the home exterior from water damage and aesthetic flaws.


Texture Coating Improves Energy Efficiency

Any upgrade that improves heating and cooling efficiency increases home value. Texture coating has the special ability to reflect UV rays from the sun so less heat penetrates the walls. Less exterior heat ultimately means lower interior temperatures, which is a huge benefit for Southern California residents. The US Department of Energy says you expect to save up to 21.9% on home cooling bills when you cover the exterior in texture coating. Your specific savings depend on the color you have applied and your home’s orientation and shading.


Texture Coating Must be Applied Correctly

Each of these major benefits of texture coating can only be realized if you choose a reliable company to apply the product using the correct procedure. Improper application could result in bubbling or chipping that prevents the coating from performing at its high specifications. The process begins with an inspection to repair damaged surfaces before the application gets underway. Careful priming and coating at the correct thicknesses ensures a beautiful, durable and lasting finished product.

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