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Ensure Your Texture Coating Lasts a Lifetime: Part 1

The texture coating you arrange to be put on your home is supposed to last a lifetime. However, installation must be done properly, with each step given the necessary care. Without this care, your exterior texture coating may not last as long as it should with the beautiful look you expect to see for the long term. These steps ensure a solid installation process for texture coating that can last for decades.Dollarphotoclub_71414882


One of the biggest enemies of your home’s walls is moisture. You do not want moisture to be absorbed into the walls, because it will soften the wall and dramatically reduce its lifespan. Moisture can also promote the growth of mold, which can decrease your home’s resale value and even make you sick, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Trenching makes it more difficult for ground moisture to be absorbed into the exterior walls during the installation process. Once the texture coating is complete, you can appreciate how it will help your walls deflect that moisture and its potential for damage. Experts recommend that trenches 4”-6” deep be placed around the perimeter of the home, for best results.

Hydro Blast

After the trenches are dug, the installer can start removing all the excess dirt, stains, loose paint and other substances from the exterior walls. If it has been a long time since you did a touch-up paint job on your home’s exterior, or if you have recently gone through a long winter, your home may be quite dirty. The best way to start fresh is with a clean slate, and clean walls. Hydro blasting involves the use of a high-pressure water spray to remove all the excess and the old paint job to show what is underneath. Sometimes, this process reveals spots on the walls that need repair or patching. At the end, the surface is clean and tight, to allow the primer to bond and the coating to substrate.

Scraping and Sanding

This is the really hard part of the process. The existing paint and debris can stick to the stucco even after the hydro blast. Scraping and sanding are often necessary to remove the last little bits. If these actions are not done, the new paint cannot adhere fully to the home’s exterior. This can cause ugly cracking and peeling of the surface. Sometimes it takes heavy-duty work from power sanders and grinders to remove all traces of the old paint job. In the end, the work is worth it to create the perfect surface for the new texture coating.

You are ready for a coating on your home that guarantees you do not have to paint ever again. Texture coating is made for you and your needs. By following this process, your contractors ensure that your texture coating will be installed efficiently and effectively enough to last a lifetime. Request a free estimate today to see how texture coating can improve your home!

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