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4 Trends in Interior Windows for the New Year

Looking for a home improvement project to improve the look of your interior windows? They may look great from the outside, but if your windows are lacking from the inside, use these four trends to inspire you in the New Year.


Bold Interior Trim

A combination of crown molding, pilasters and trim helps highlight an interior window and makes it a focal point in the room. It doesn’t cost much to install these additions, and it makes large windows look bold and beautiful. The trend involves removing the old trim, if applicable, and installing crown molding at the top of the window, a sill at the bottom in a matching color, and fluted pilasters along the sides. This type of trim is especially impressive with bay, bow and picture windows where pilasters flank each pane of glass. Ensure that you have a high-quality exterior window foundation before beginning this project.


Architectural Windows

For the purpose of making a design statement or filling an oddly shaped opening, you might choose architectural windows in unique shapes and sizes. This year, more homeowners are customizing the home to reflect their personality and style, which makes architectural windows the perfect upgrade. A few of your options include arched, elliptical, gothic, round, quarter-round, oval and octagonal windows, just to name a few. From the inside, these windows lend themselves to unique design and natural lighting opportunities. There’s no better way to add flair and increase lighting in a room than with a custom window shape.



A strip of wood, aluminum or plastic between panes of glass is called a muntin. This feature was a mainstay of large windows back in the 1800s because it was impossible to manufacture large enough sheets of glass for the size of windows consumers demanded. Today, the illusion of muntins is created by sandwiching the strips between two panes of glass. The look is trendy today, especially in traditional homes, even though muntins don’t serve any practical purpose now that large panes of glass are readily manufactured.


Ventilation Options

A trendy ventilation option in 2015 is the casement window. This type of window opens outward on hinges located on one side or the other. A crank on the interior lets you control how far to open the window. From the interior, casement windows provide a great view of the exterior. Two casement windows side by side allow you to open both for more of a breeze. A stationary window or two located between two casement windows expands your view and allows more natural light to enter.

Whether your goal to be trendy in the New Year is for your own benefit or to attract homebuyers, these interior window trends have you covered. To learn more about upgrading your windows, please contact us online or call us at 818-483-3531 to get started.

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