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3 Things to Look for in a Contractor

You have some engaging plans to give your home a refresh. Since you do not want to do it yourself, how can you find the right contractor for the job? There are better contractors, and there are also those who do not deserve your patronage. This guide will help you determine which contractors are equipped to handle your job with quality and professional performance in mind.photodune-5766249-blueprints-and-projects-of-building-xs


Check Credentials

When you plan to hire a contractor, you need to know if the contractors have all the appropriate credentials and permits to perform the tasks you need done on your home. One way your contractor can verify training and certification is through California’s Contractors State License Board (CSLB). The CSLB has 43 different types of contractor licenses, so you should confirm that the license matches the type of job you have requested. With the right credentials, contractors can then show you that they are worthy of your business. Be sure to ask about their experience in the business, follow up on references and request proof of insurance, including workers compensation insurance from the California Department of Insurance. All these components serve as proof that contractors are ready to meet your home’s challenges.


Once you have separated out the best contractors in the area, you can ask for bids on the home improvements you have in mind. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations on contractors who worked well with them. Before you start making phone calls, be sure to create a detailed description of your plans. Ask for an in-home estimate, if possible. The Better Business Bureau recommends that you get at least three bids, so that you can make a fair comparison on cost and quality. Talk to the contractors about all the details included in the estimate, and what happens if the estimate comes far under the actual cost of the job. Remember that the contractor who severely underbids the competition may skimp on quality or may not have covered all the details, so be careful not to make your decision entirely based on money.

Go For Quality

Many people have a hard time making the final decision on a contractor because they are worried that something will go wrong. This is why it is absolutely crucial to follow up on the contractor’s references, preferably from jobs that were performed years ago. This gives you the opportunity to see how the contractor’s work stands up over time. Although they often charge more, the best contractors will show a commitment to using quality materials and processes. In the end, this may actually save you money on repairs or replacement.

You want your home improvement plans to go off without a hitch. By following these instructions, you learn that cheaper is not always better, and that the best contractors are happy to show you how they can turn your dreams into a beautiful reality. Request a free in-home estimate today!