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3 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Windows are made to last, but if the initial installation wasn’t up to par or you live in an older home, you may require a replacement sooner rather than later. Here are three signs you shouldn’t put off replacing your windows any longer.Dollarphotoclub_58799778

Improper Operation of Windows

While perhaps the primary function of a window is to let natural light shine in and give you a view of the exterior, it’s also vital to have a ventilation option. Older windows can become misaligned and fail to function properly. This is especially true in earthquake-prone California where the earth shifting beneath your feet could wreak havoc on your home’s foundation and walls.

Old age or ground movement may cause your windows to stick and be incredibly difficult to open. In the case of double-hung windows, they may slide open easily but don’t have enough grip left to withstand the pull of gravity. Either way, damaged windows can’t open, even when you wish you had a little ventilation.

Signs of Decay Around Window Frames

Window frames damaged by water are “soft,” indicating they are rotting from the inside out. To test out old wood window frames, gently press the end of a flathead screwdriver into the surface. If the screwdriver easily leaves a depression behind, it’s time to replace the windows.

Warping, cracking, chipping and peeling paint are other signs of water damage. These issues indicate mold growth is imminent, which could impact indoor air quality and affect the structural integrity of your home.

Trapped Condensation Between the Panes

Condensation is not uncommon on glass surfaces. When your home is heated and humidified to a comfortable level during the winter, water droplets may form on the inside of the glass. The same may occur in summer, but on the outside of the glass.

The trouble is when condensation forms between the panes, something that can happen to double- or triple-pane windows with broken seals. A seal failure is a big deal. It means the argon and other gases held between the panes have undoubtedly leaked out. This means the window’s insulating, soundproofing and UV-blocking characteristics all diminish.

Not to mention, a window with a broken seal fogs up in certain weather conditions and makes it difficult to see outside. This annoying result of condensation trapped between the panes is often the last straw for homeowners with damaged windows.

If your windows suffer from any of these problems, don’t wait another week to replace them. Now is the time to restore window functionality and efficiency. You might even use the unfortunate window failure as a chance to upgrade to high efficiency custom windows guaranteed to last a lifetime. Please contact us online or call us at 818-483-3531 to get your window replacement started. We would be happy to offer you a free estimate.